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  • from £4.84

    Breaded Turkey Escalope

    Thinly sliced turkey breast in a lemon & parsley breadcrumb. 180g +/- 10%

    from £4.84
  • from £71.50

    Bronze Turkey

    Available from 2.5kg-10kg. These Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkeys, feed on nettles, wild blackberries and freshly grown oats. They are a slow mat...

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    from £71.50
  • from £31.99

    Free Range Turkey Breast

    Available from 1-4kg (each kg will feed 3-4 people). These are from our Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkey. We have removed the bone meaning they'r...

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    from £31.99
  • £4.39

    Home Made Turkey Gravy 500ml

    Made from our Turkey Carcasses, Vegetables and Herbs

  • £2.59

    Roast Turkey Sliced (100g)

    Home Cooked butter basted Roast Turkey Breast.Available in:100g pack (Minimum pack weight 95g)

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    Ross & Ross Roast Turkey Rub 50g

    This ‘Roast Turkey Rub’ is perfect for creating the ultimate Turkey for your festive roasts! How to use: Rub onto meat at least one hour before co...

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  • from £97.50

    Turkey Crown

    Available from 2kg-5kg (each kg will feed 2-3 people). These are from our Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkeys. We remove the legs for you, mak...

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    from £97.50
  • £13.44

    Turkey Mince (500g)

    Freshly minced from our Turkey Breasts. A delicious low-fat and high-protein alternative to other meats.