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  • from £2.80

    Honey Roast Ham

    We cure and cook all of our hams from pork supplied by free-range and organic farmers. These hams come Honey Roasted in our own Glaze.Available in:...

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    from £2.80
  • £4.10

    Parma Ham Sliced (100g)

    Parma ham is the best ham in the world, imported from Italy and branded with the authentic logo. The treatment of both the pigs and ham is strictly...

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  • £2.25

    Roast Turkey Sliced (100g)

    Home Cooked butter basted Roast Turkey Breast.Available in:100g pack (Minimum pack weight 95g)

  • £2.75

    Smoked Ham Sliced (100g)

    Homecured Smoked HamAvailable in:100grm Sliced Packs (Minimum pack weight 90g)1kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 4 people2kg Joint (Minimum pac...

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  • £5.99

    Tempus - Achari Spiced Salami

    Tasting Notes: Rich and rounded with the flavour of our own blend of Achari spices – truly unique  

  • £7.99

    Tempus - Air Dried Beef 75g

    Tasting Notes: deep and rich with a pronounced beef flavour with a profile of star anise, coriander and cardamom   "We are immensely proud of this ...

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  • £4.99

    Tempus - House Salami 75g

    Tasting Notes: classic Saucisson sec style fermented salami, forward with black pepper with a fermented tang finish   "This is the simplest version...

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  • £8.99

    Tempus - King Peter Ham 75g

    Tasting Notes: Sweet, nutty, deeply coloured with a very gentle background hint of chestnut smoke   "This is a recipe that one of our founders, Tom...

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  • from £2.25

    Traditional Ham

    Home Cooked and Cured Traditional breadcrumbed ham.Available in:Sliced 100g pack (Minimum pack weight 95g)1kg Joint  (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 3...

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    from £2.25
  • £8.69

    Weald - Boar Venison Salami

    100g average 25 slices True food craftsmanship; the perfect addition to the finest charcuterie platter, or simply to serve on it’s own.

  • £4.69

    Weald - Salt Beef 100g

    On average 6 – 8 slices

  • Sold out

    Weald - Sliced Duck Breast

    100g 12-15 slices Our duck has a naturally rich flavour, which we enhance further by curing it with our special in-house mix including herbs and ba...

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  • £7.69

    Weald - Sliced Venison

    Deer are plentiful in the Weald of Kent – vast tracts of it were once royal hunting forest – so venison has been enjoyed here for centuries. We tak...

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  • £5.69

    Weald - Whole Chicken Breast

    Approx. 200-225g per breast Our chicken breasts are hot smoked over an oak fire so they are cooked, suitable to be eaten cold. A further hour in th...

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  • £5.69

    Weald Smokery - Salami Selection

    Contains Coppa, Finocchiona and Milano slices