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Wild British \Game

Look no further for carefully and ethically sourced wild game. All of our game products are selected from the UK’s finest farms, before being expertly prepared for you by our skilled butchers.
  • from £65.00

    Venison Fillet

    Wild deer are the ultimate free range animals. They have wide-ranging diets and need to be fit to survive. Hence the meat is lean and very low in f...

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    from £65.00
  • £8.00

    Diced Venison (500g)

    This freshly diced, lean venison from selected Yorkshire pastures. Perfect for casseroles and stews.

  • £7.99

    Minced Venison (500g)

    Freshly minced Venison made from prime shoulder cuts.

  • £5.92

    Venison Sausages (400g)

    A dark and rich sausage made with fresh venison, and a little free range pork, seasoned with herbs and spices and marinated in merlot with crushed ...

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  • £7.50

    Game Pie

    Made fresh daily in our own kitchen. Venison, pheasant and partridge (depending on season) in a red wine sauce Available portion sizes: 1 Delivery ...

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  • £21.40

    Gressingham Duck

    Duck tastes wonderful, is one of the healthier meats you can choose. The perfect centrepiece to your Sunday roast or celebratory meal. Don't forget...

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  • £12.45

    Duck Leg Confit - 2 Portions

    Duck legs cooked the traditional French way, for a tender and succulent taste experience. How to cook: oven or pan fry, skin-side down first, to yo...

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  • £4.60

    Red Leg Partridge

    Come from moors of Devon and Cornwall these partridges are fully prepped and ready to go in the oven.

  • £4.52

    Duck Breasts

    A Quick and easy restaurant favourite. Our duck breasts taste best when eaten pink, with beautiful crispy fat. Simply pan fry them for the best res...

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  • £6.26

    Duck Legs - Pack of 2

    Approximate size 600g per pack£9.97 per kg

  • £7.99

    Venison & Cognac Pate Clip Top Jar 280g

    Coarse cut French pate in a clip-top jar.

  • Sold out

    Rabbit with Wild Thyme Pate Clip Top Jar 280g

    Coarse cut French pate in a clip-top jar

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    Duck Pate Clip Top Jar 280g

    Coarse cut French pate in a clip-top jar.

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  • £14.99

    Mr Duck Cassoulet 780g

    Mr Duck’s cassoulet is made exclusively from Mulard ducks that are reared in the Landes or Vendee region of France, where they are free range and 1...

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