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Free Range Rare Breed Pork

All of our free range rare breed pork comes from exceptional quality stock. All sourced from the UK’s finest farms and estates, our pork cuts are the best in London.
  • from £13.69

    Belly of Pork

    Free range, slow growing pork belly which gives you juicy, tender meat and some of the best crackling you've ever tasted.

    from £13.69
  • from £19.19

    Loin of Pork

    Excellent as a joint chinned and scored.  Rub salt over the skin prior to cooking for extra crispy crackling.Available in:1kg joint (Minimum pack ...

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    from £19.19
  • from £20.49

    Boned Loin of Pork

    Bonless Loin of Free-Range PorkAvailable as1 kg joint (will feed 3-4 people) (Mnimum pack weight 980g)2kg joint (will feed 5-6 people) (Minimum pac...

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    from £20.49
  • from £9.99

    Pork Chops

    Cut from the loin of our Free-Range Pork,  Approximately 1 inch thick. Available in: Pack of 2: 520g  (Minimum pack weight 500g) Pack of 4: 1040g (...

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    from £9.99
  • from £15.39

    Leg of Pork

    Cut from our Free-Range Gloucester old spot pigs. We usually part bone this for easier carving. Available in:1 kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 980g)...

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    from £15.39
  • £15.09

    Individual Pork Spare Ribs (1kg)

    Succulent and tender, perfect for barbecuing but great any time of the year.  Please note: these are supplied as individual ribs. Image for illustr...

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  • £12.59

    Pork Tenderloin 500g

    Free Range Pork Tenderloin. Perfect for stir frying, or delicious with a bit of garlicMinimum weight 450g(£18.40 per kg)

  • from £8.19

    Diced Pork

    Selected cuts of lean Free-Range pork. Diced in to approximately 1 inch cubes.Pack weights +/- 10%£11.40 per kg

    from £8.19
  • £7.79

    Minced Pork (500g)

    Selected cuts of lean pork, minced. Ideal for burgers or for making your own sausages.Available in:500g packs (Minimum pack weight 480g)

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    Iberico Streaky Bacon (270g)

    "A very sweet, gentle cure, as you'd expect from Lidgate's. The Spanish pigs are very happy pigs, and when we get streaky bacon like this we're ver...

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  • £24.59

    Iberico Pork Chop (2 x 210g)

    The Ibérico pig is an indigenous species that is only found in the Iberian peninsula. It is very different from the European white pig. The superb ...

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  • £26.59

    Iberico Bacon Chop (2 x 210g)

    "A very sweet, gentle cure, as you'd expect from Lidgate's. The Spanish pigs are very happy pigs, and when we get streaky bacon like this we're ver...

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  • £7.39

    Black Pudding 325g Stornoway

    Multi award winning, including six Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods, this Stornoway Black Pudding is made with Scottish oatmeal to g...

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  • £7.39

    White Pudding 325g Stornoway

    The White Pudding might not be as famous as the Black Pudding but, with a subtler flavour, it is equally as delicious. Also known as Oatmeal or Mea...

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  • £5.39

    Brindisa Cooking Chorizo Hot 6 Piece Pack

    These cooking chorizos have been one of Brindisa's most popular products for more than 20 years. They can be grilled, fried, poached or casse...

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  • from £3.99

    Honey Roast Ham - New Recipe

    We cure and cook all of our hams from pork supplied by free-range farmers. These hams come Honey roasted in our own glaze. Our new improved recipe ...

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    from £3.99
  • from £2.79

    Traditional Ham

    Home Cooked and Cured Traditional breadcrumbed ham.Available in:Sliced 100g pack (Minimum pack weight 95g)1kg Joint  (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 3...

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    from £2.79
  • £3.39

    Smoked Ham Sliced (100g)

    Homecured Smoked HamAvailable in:100grm Sliced Packs (Minimum pack weight 90g)1kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 4 people2kg Joint (Minimum pac...

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  • £5.59

    Parma Ham Sliced (100g)

    Parma ham is the best ham in the world, imported from Italy and branded with the authentic logo. The treatment of both the pigs and ham is strictly...

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  • from £7.69

    Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Pie

    Please note Large Pies (4 - 16 portions) have a dish deposit of £20 included in the price, which is refundable when the dish is returned to the sto...

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    from £7.69
  • £7.79

    C Lidgate Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Casserole 310g

    Made fresh daily in our own kitchen. Fresh chicken, home cooked ham, fresh mushrooms, onions, parsley, chicken stock, double cream, herbs and seaso...

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  • £4.59

    Chicken, Ham & Pea Pasty 320g

    Homemade Chicken Ham & Pea Pasty, Made fresh in our kitchen using fresh chicken, ham, onions and peas with a creamy white sauce and little salt...

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