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About Us

Lidgate’s family butcher’s has five generations of knowledge behind the counter of its famous shop in Holland Park, West London.

Chefs, dedicated carnivores and the locals of this foodie neighbourhood come here for anything from a lunchtime sausage roll to a magnificent rib of grass-fed beef for a dinner party. Meat is a treat and they all come here for the best.

Nobody knows more about meat than a top-class butcher and Lidgate’s has the best recipes to make the most of quality meat. Just as chefs are starting to butcher, so butchers now evolve recipes both for customers to cook and for the ready-made dishes that are sold in the shop itself. Lidgate’s chefs and cooks take time to develop personal versions of classics such as chicken and ham pie and Cornish pasties and come up with new ways to use meat, such as classy kebabs.

The shop has long been way ahead of the curve in recognising the importance of good feed and welfare in making meat more nutritious and delicious. A network of exceptional family farmers supply the meat to Lidgate’s, from the Shetland Islands farmer who rears heather-fed lamb to the businessman-turned-farmer who has travelled around the United States in his quest to discover how to produce the best beef in Britain, they even source beef cattle from HRH The Prince of Wales’ Highgrove Estate.

Hattie Ellis
(Award winning food writer)