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  • £5.99

    Barbecue Sausages (400g)

    A subtle blend of free-range pork, peppers and hot spices. Contains: gluten, soybeans, sulphites

  • £5.79

    Butterflied Drumsticks in Chermoula Marinade

    These drumsticks have been butterflied for quicker and more even cooking. They are then marinated in Chermoula - a blend of traditional Mediter...

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  • from £8.59

    Caribbean Chicken Kebabs

    Diced chicken thigh, peppers and onions marinated in a Caribbean marinade.

    from £8.59
  • from £8.59

    Chermoula Chicken Kebabs

    Chicken kebabs in a chermoula marinade.

    from £8.59
  • from £15.99

    Chermoula Lamb Kebabs

    Lamb kebabs in a chermoula marinade.

    from £15.99
  • from £6.49

    Chicken Burgers

    Hand made using fresh chicken, seasoning, breadcrumbs and parsley.  170g each +/- 10%

    from £6.49
  • £4.39

    Chicken Drumsticks 4 Pack

    A good source of protein and relatively low in fat compared to chicken thighs. An excellent source of minerals such as iron and zinc. HONEY...

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  • £14.95

    Digital Thermometer

    To get the best results every time a digital meat thermometer is the perfect tool for the kitchen

  • £22.19

    Free Range Jointed BBQ Chicken

    A Free Range Chicken cut into 8 convenient pieces and coated in Prairie Fire BBQ sauce.

  • from £15.99

    Lamb & Rosemary Kebabs

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Free range lamb marinaded in olive oil, rosemary and lemon zest  

    from £15.99
  • from £4.69

    Lamb Kofta Kebabs

    The kebabs are made with free-range minced shoulder of lamb, a pinch of spices, fresh onions, and parsley.

    from £4.69
  • from £6.39

    Lamb, Mint & Feta Burger

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Lamb burgers with onions, feta cheese and garden mint glaze fo...

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    from £6.39
  • from £8.59

    Lemon & Coriander Chicken Kebabs

    Diced chicken thighs in a lemon and coriander marinade. Our most popular kebab.

    from £8.59
  • from £12.29

    Steak & Onion Kebabs

    Made with free-range grass-fed Rump steak with onions and a smoky barbeque marinade. 15 minutes under a grill or on a BBQ Turning occasionally

    from £12.29
  • from £6.49

    Steak Burgers

    Made from grass-fed beef and seasoned in a medium-spice. Cook slowly. Colouring and preservative-free. 170g +/- 10%

    from £6.49
  • from £12.29

    Steak Caribbean Kebabs

    Free Range diced beef, with fresh peppers and mushrooms in a Caribbean marinade.  

    from £12.29
  • from £9.29

    Wagyu Beef Burgers

    Our burgers simply contain Wagyu mince and a little salt and pepper 170g +/- 10% 

    from £9.29