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  • £6.40

    Cornish Charcuterie Duck & Crackers Combo Pack

    Duck Rillette (82g) with Sea Salt Thins crackers - makes a perfect snack or picnic item. 

  • £6.40

    Cornish Charcuterie Duck Rillette with Black Cherry 125g

    Rich, decadent duck is enhanced with the slight sweetness of black cherries steeped in Cherry Marnier. Ingredients: Shredded Duck Leg Meat 60.20%, ...

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  • £15.80

    Duck Leg Confit - 2 Portions

    Duck legs cooked the traditional French way, for a tender and succulent taste experience. How to cook: oven or pan fry, skin-side down first, to yo...

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  • £7.49

    Duck Legs - Pack of 2

    Approximate size 600g per pack£9.97 per kg

  • £8.49

    Duck Pate Clip Top Jar 280g

    Coarse cut French pate in a clip-top jar.

  • £25.49

    Gressingham Duck

    Duck tastes wonderful, is one of the healthier meats you can choose. The perfect centrepiece to your Sunday roast or celebratory meal. Don't forget...

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  • £15.95

    Mr Duck Cassoulet 780g

    Mr Duck’s cassoulet is made exclusively from Mulard ducks that are reared in the Landes or Vendee region of France, where they are free range and 1...

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  • from £9.95

    Pate en Croute

    A farce of pork belly, confit tongue, duck breast, chicken, macerated prunes & hazel nuts enriched with a duck & port jelly and encased i...

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    from £9.95