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  • from £3.19

    Breaded Chicken Escalope

    Chicken thighs, skinned and boned, and coated with a light Japanese breadcrumb. Very popular with children. 120g each  (Minimum weight 100g)

    from £3.19
  • £6.49

    Butterflied Drumsticks in Chermoula Marinade 4 Pack

    These drumsticks have been butterflied for quicker and more even cooking. They are then marinated in Chermoula - a blend of traditional Mediter...

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  • £7.79

    C Lidgate Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Casserole 310g

    Made fresh daily in our own kitchen. Fresh chicken, home cooked ham, fresh mushrooms, onions, parsley, chicken stock, double cream, herbs and seaso...

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  • from £9.29

    Caribbean Chicken Kebabs

    Diced chicken thigh, peppers and onions marinated in a Caribbean marinade.

    from £9.29
  • from £9.29

    Chermoula Chicken Kebabs

    Chicken kebabs in a chermoula marinade.

    from £9.29
  • £6.79

    Chicken & Apple Sausages 400g

    A deliciously sweet and mild sausage, a real children's favourite. Contains Gluten, sulphites 

  • £10.29

    Chicken & Asparagus (500g)

    Fresh chicken, asparagus and pistachio nuts, lightly seasoned with tarragon and spices. Has a beautifully subtle flavour.  Contains: Gluten, soybea...

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  • from £7.69

    Chicken & Asparagus Pie

    Please note Large Pies (4 - 16 portions) have a dish deposit of £20 included in the price, which is refundable when the dish is returned to the sto...

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    from £7.69
  • £21.29

    Chicken Ballotine

    Half Chicken Ballotine stuffed with your choice of our hand made sausage meats and then wrapped in prosciutto. Choose your stuffing flavour from th...

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  • from £7.09

    Chicken Burgers

    Hand made using fresh chicken, seasoning, breadcrumbs and parsley.  170g each +/- 10%

    from £7.09
  • £4.99

    Chicken Drumsticks 4 Pack

    A good source of protein and relatively low in fat compared to chicken thighs. An excellent source of minerals such as iron and zinc. HONEY...

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  • £14.15

    Chicken Goujons (500g)

    Tender free range chicken strips coated in our homemade panko and black pepper crumb.  PLEASE NOTE: These are delivered uncooked. Picture is for il...

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  • £6.79

    Chicken Kiev - New Recipe

    Chicken breast, filled with our new recipe garlic butter blend, and covered in breadcrumbs. Please note this product is sold uncooked Approxi...

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  • £14.09

    Chicken Nuggets (500g)

    Made from Diced Free-Range Chicken Breast and coated in a light Japanese breadcrumb. Perfect for children, they contain no additves or preservative...

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  • £11.49

    Chicken Thighs (4 Pack)

    Free range chicken thighs. Available as Skin On & Bone In or Skinless & Boneless.    

  • £4.29

    Chicken Wings (500g)

    Meaty chicken wings perfect for the BBQ or deep fry them to a perfect golden brown. We can provide these wings either plain or in a marinade. Pleas...

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  • from £7.69

    Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Pie

    Please note Large Pies (4 - 16 portions) have a dish deposit of £20 included in the price, which is refundable when the dish is returned to the sto...

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    from £7.69
  • £4.59

    Chicken, Ham & Pea Pasty 320g

    Homemade Chicken Ham & Pea Pasty, Made fresh in our kitchen using fresh chicken, ham, onions and peas with a creamy white sauce and little salt...

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  • £8.19

    Chicken, Harissa & Marjoram Sausages 500g

    Winner of 3 Stars at Smithfield Star Awards 2022. Made with fresh chicken thigh meat. Gently seasoned with just a hint of harissa and marjora...

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  • £24.39

    Free Range Chicken

    Our free-range chickens have lives that are the envy of the conventional feathered world. They have access to the outdoors as soon as they are feat...

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  • £6.39

    Free Range Chicken Breast

    Cut from our free-range chickens from carefully selected farms. Sold per chicken breastMinimum weight 400g

  • £5.19

    Free Range Chicken Fillet

    Boneless and skinless free-range chicken breast. 190g each (Minimum weight 160g)

  • from £6.49

    Free Range Chicken Legs

    Cut from our free-range chickens from carefully selected farms.235g each (Minimum weight 180g)  

    from £6.49
  • £24.39

    Free Range Jointed BBQ Chicken

    A Free Range Chicken cut into 8 convenient pieces and coated in Prairie Fire BBQ sauce.

  • from £9.29

    Lemon & Coriander Chicken Kebabs

    Diced chicken thighs in a lemon and coriander marinade. Our most popular kebab.

    from £9.29
  • £32.89

    Organic Chicken

    Free-range organic chickens reared in small flocks in open fields and enjoy a peaceful and happy environment. They are fed a natural diet of organi...

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  • £12.99

    Peri Peri Half Free Range Chicken

    Half a free range chicken marinated in our homemade peri-peri marinade with fresh garlic, chilli and olive oil (hot).

  • £6.99


    Corn fed poussin are excellent roasted whole; Simply rub with salt and pepper and brush with a little olive oil for a deliciously crispy skin. Add ...

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  • £6.99

    Spatchcocked Poussin

    Fresh Poussin split, laid flat, rubbed with oil and seasoned generously with salt and pepper. When barbecuing, please be sure to cook right through...

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  • from £13.39

    Teriyaki Stir-Fry (500g)

    Strips of lean steak or British chicken with fresh mange tout, yellow, green and red peppers, red onion, sliced carrots, bean sprouts, baby corn, g...

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    from £13.39