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Please Note: our store will be closed from 11am on Wednesday 24th April.
Please Note: our store will be closed from 11am on Wednesday 24th April.

Grass-Fed 28 Day Dry Aged Beef

We only choose the very best farms for our grass-fed beef. This beef is hand selected and dry aged for 28 days to maximise its flavour, before being expertly butchered, for you, by our highly skilled craftsmen.
  • £8.89

    Minced Steak (500g)

    Made using our free-range grass fed beef, perfect for a cottage pie or spaghetti bolognese. (Minimum pack weight 480g)

  • £36.99

    Fillet Steak (2 x 200g)

    Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for its deep, rich flavour and tender, juicy texture with a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth quality. Available in...

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  • £20.79

    Rib Eye Steak (1 x 280g)

    A first-rate steak renowned for its succulence and length of flavour. (Minimum Pack weight 260g)   COOKING ADVICE Preheat the pan/griddle and cook ...

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  • from £7.09

    Steak Burgers

    Made from grass-fed beef and seasoned in a medium-spice. Cook slowly. Colouring and preservative-free. 170g +/- 10%

    from £7.09
  • £9.99

    Rump Steak (1 x 230g)

    Lean and easy to portion, rump steak is renowned for its excellent flavour and succulence. (Minimum Pack Weight 215g) COOKING ADVICE Preheat the ...

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  • £8.89

    Beef Short Ribs (500g)

    Our grass-fed short ribs are meaty and beefy with flavourful fat. Delicious marinated and slow roasted but also well suited to barbecuing.  E...

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  • £10.79

    Diced Steak (500g)

    Diced from our free range grass fed beef. Perfect for casseroles and pies. Includes shoulder and chuck (Minimum Pack Weight 480g)  

  • £16.99

    Sirloin Steak (1 x 250g)

    Sirloin steak has a great balance of succulence and flavour, and is delicious pan-fried, grilled or barbecued. (Minimum Pack Weight 230g)   COOKING...

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  • from £64.99

    Rib Roast

    Real old world roast beef trimmed in the continental style for easy carving. Self-basting and cooked on the bone to sustain that very special succ...

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    from £64.99
  • £8.29

    Ox Cheek (300g)

    Ox Cheek (or Beef Cheek) is a very flavourful cut. The richness of the meat comes through best when it is slow cooked to the point of falling apart...

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  • from £13.39

    Teriyaki Stir-Fry (500g)

    Strips of lean steak or British chicken with fresh mange tout, yellow, green and red peppers, red onion, sliced carrots, bean sprouts, baby corn, g...

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    from £13.39
  • £5.79

    Flat Iron Steak (250g)

    A beautifully flavoured, often underrated steak. Very quick and easy to cook, either in a pan, under the grill, or on a BBQ

  • from £10.89


    An excellent value steak, and full of flavour. Great for broths, ragus and thinly sliced steaks

    from £10.89
  • from £22.59


    Brisket is best suited to long, slow cooking so ideal for casseroles and stews. Alternatively, it can be cooked in the oven (again, low and slow) o...

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    from £22.59
  • £41.49

    Chateaubriande (450g)

    Cut from the thickest part of the fillet, Chateaubriande is the steak for that very special dinner party. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for i...

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  • £165.99

    Whole Fillet (1.8kg)

    Scotch Fillet is the steak for the very special dinner party. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour. (Min...

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  • £17.79

    Judith Freane's Organic Sirloin (1 x 250g)

    These exceptional organic sirloin steaks come from grass fed beef born and raised on Judith Freane's sustainable farm in Somerset - where the meat...

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  • from £10.79

    Flank Steak

    A lean underrated flavoursome cut of beef, perfect for marinating, cooking in one piece and then slicing before serving. This cut is perfect for fa...

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    from £10.79
  • from £27.39


    Lean and very economical. Very easy to carve and excellent for a buffet. 1kg joint (will feed 3-4 people) 2kg joint (will feed 6-8 people)   COOKIN...

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    from £27.39
  • £24.09

    T-Bone Steak (1 x 500g)

    “The nearer the bone the sweeter the meat” A sirloin and fillet joined by the bone, this is a succulent man-sized steak. (Minimum pack weight 490g...

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  • £37.19

    Thick Cut Rib Eye (1 x 500g)

    A thick cut Rib Eye steak - renowned for its succulence and length of flavour. (Minimum Pack weight 460g)

  • from £13.79

    Steak & Onion Kebabs

    Made with free-range grass-fed Rump steak with onions and a smoky barbeque marinade. 15 minutes under a grill or on a BBQ Turning occasionally

    from £13.79
  • £10.29

    Judith Freane's Organic Rump Steak (1 x 230g)

    Organic rump steaks come from grass fed Guernsey cattle raised on Judith Freane's sustainable farm in Somerset. Melt in the mouth tender and full o...

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  • £17.19

    Ox Tail (1kg)

    Oxtail is fantastic for making rich casseroles and of course the famous Ox Tail Soup - the melting bone marrow adds a sticky texture that's impossi...

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