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  • from £10.09

    Farmed Smoked Salmon

    London Cure Farmed Salmon low in salt, delicate and delicious softly smoky flavour.

    from £10.09
  • £6.15

    Ortiz Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil 47.5g

    Ortiz source their Cantabrian anchovies daily from auctions along the north coast of Spain and process them the same day. They are put into sal...

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  • £5.15

    Ortiz Bonito Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil 112g

    All of the fish that Ortiz buy is caught on rod and line in the Bay of Biscay and then processed by hand. The flesh is a pale colour and has a...

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  • £4.35

    Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil 140g

    Ortiz source their sardines at auction houses (lonjas) on the north coast of Spain. They are prepared using traditional methods and carefully h...

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