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Everything About Steak

Everything About Steak

This week we are celebrating everything steak – with a fantastic discount offer and a guide to everything you need to know to order the best steak to match your taste

This tender muscle does barely, if any, of the heavy lifting on the cow, resulting in a soft, buttery texture that cuts like butter. It has hardly any fat, meaning it has a very mild flavour. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for its deep, rich flavour and tender, juicy texture with a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth quality.
Rib Eye
One of the most prized cuts of all, the rib eye comes boneless or with the rib bone still attached. The fat, both marbled within the meat and surrounding the edges, gives the Rib Eye an intense flavour.
Not as tender as the filet, it comes from the sirloin section, which is on the back of a beef animal between the fore-rib and the rump. Sirloin steak has a great balance of succulence and flavour, and is delicious pan-fried, grilled or barbecued. Legend has it that sirloin is so called because it was knighted 'Sir Loin' by Henry VIII – but great as the story is – I’m not sure it’s true.
A T-Bone is simply a Sirloin and Filet separated by a T-shaped bone (it is also known as a Porterhouse). Since the filet side is more prone to overcooking, it can be a challenge getting the entirety of the steak to finish at the same time. But since you are getting two steak experiences in one – it’s worth the effort.
Lean and easy to portion, rump steak is renowned for its excellent flavour and succulence. It is a versatile cut - good cut into strips for a stir fry or seared on a barbecue. 
A lean underrated flavoursome cut of beef, perfect for marinating, cooking in one piece and then slicing before serving. This cut is perfect for fajitas and steak salads as a substitute for the more tender steaks.
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