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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is 19th March. Treat her to something special from our suggestions below. 

  • from £60.29

    Rib Roast

    Real old world roast beef trimmed in the continental style for easy carving. Self-basting and cooked on the bone to sustain that very special succ...

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    from £60.29
  • £59.99

    Cote de Boeuf 1kg

    The classic rib eye steak with the bone left in for additional flavour. Minimum 28 days dry aged for maximum tenderness and flavour. (Minimum Pac...

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  • from £77.49

    Contre Fillet

    The eye of the sirloin is trimmed, boned, rolled and garnished with a thin covering of natural buttery fat for basting. This famous cut is lean an...

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    from £77.49
  • £154.19

    Whole Fillet (1.8kg)

    Scotch Fillet is the steak for the very special dinner party. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour. (Min...

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  • £62.49

    Leg of Lamb

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Whole legs of lamb are prepared in the traditional manner. A ...

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  • £62.89

    Butterflied Lamb Leg

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Available marinade options:- Garlic infused olive oil with a ...

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  • from £17.79

    Rack of Lamb

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Free-range grass fed french trimmed rack of lamb, either as a ...

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    from £17.79
  • from £17.69

    Loin of Pork

    Excellent as a joint chinned and scored.  Rub salt over the skin prior to cooking for extra crispy crackling.Available in:1kg joint (Minimum pack ...

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    from £17.69
  • £30.49

    Organic Chicken

    Free-range organic chickens reared in small flocks in open fields and enjoy a peaceful and happy environment. They are fed a natural diet of organi...

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  • £19.69

    Chicken Ballotine

    Half Chicken Ballotine stuffed with your choice of our hand made sausage meats and then wrapped in prosciutto. Choose your stuffing flavour from th...

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  • Sold out

    Chocolate Malt Balls 150g

    Assorted Chocolate Malt Balls contains a mix of blonde, milk, and dark chocolate treats. Like Maltesers but better! Handmade by The Chocolate ...

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  • £8.99

    Melt Chocolate Bars

    Melt's collection of luxury chocolate bars are filled with an exceptional range of interesting and delicious flavours! Handmade in-house using the...

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  • £17.50

    Prestat Rose & Violet Chocolate Cremes 135g

    Rose & Violet Dark Chocolate Crèmes are delicately flavoured with rose and violet essential oil. All are enrobed in 62% single origin Côte ...

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  • £27.50

    Prestat Jewel Box Chocolate Assortment 210g

    Inspired By Queen Victoria's private chocolate collection, each box contains a selection of Prestat's finest delights.  From fragrant rose, vio...

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