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  • £62.89

    Butterflied Lamb Leg

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Available marinade options:- Garlic infused olive oil with a ...

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  • £3.25

    Bay Tree Mint Jelly 210g

    A fresh and tangy mint jelly for roast lamb and sausages. Gently heat to 'melt' the jelly, pour over salad and couscous for a Moroccan twist.

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    OMG Scotch Bonnet & Rhubarb Hot Sauce 150ml

    Oh My Glaze is the flavour-packing project of Stockport-born street food chef, Scott Graham and childhood pal Adam Thomas. Rhubarb combined with ...

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    Original price £3.50
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  • £8.95

    La Vecchia Balsamic Jelly 100g

    In Italy, balsamic jelly is served as a traditional accompaniment to cheese - particularly with pecorino or other hard ewes-milk cheeses. Serve...

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