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The Bear

The Bear

If you have had a moment to steer your eyes away from the football, you might have hopped over to Disney + to watch season 3 of the Emmy award winning food series, The Bear. If you have not caught up, fear not Chef! As we take a spoiler free tour of the Kitchen and examine some of the dishes that are on this month’s most watched and talked about TV drama. So, clean your stations, fire up the hobs as dinner is about to be served.

An Italian restaurant is not complete without an exceptional Lasagne.  This lasagne, homemade here at Lidgates, follows a traditional Italian recipe. Using fresh free-range beef mince, homemade pasta sauce, ham, fresh pasta, Italian mozzarella and a homemade bechamel sauce.

As the steak orders come through – one Chicago favourite is Brisket. Brisket is best suited to long, slow cooking so ideal for casseroles and stews. Alternatively, it can be cooked in the oven (again, low and slow) or rolled to make a pot roast. And one of the best things, is that it is our special offer price of the week.

 The chefs are always trying something new and they might have to improvise a bit with one of the dishes. So as inspiration, here is a Spice Pork Rib Rack with a mushroom risotto covered in Tartufi Organic White Truffle Oil. These Juicy pork ribs are served in a delicious Chinese 5 Spice Marinade. They were the Lidgate Diamond Award Winner - 2023 Q Guild of Butchers Smithfield Awards. And also, the Gold Award Winner - 2023 National Craft Butchers Awards. This can also be done, as it says on The Bear’s menu, with Cola-Braised Short Rib. However, we will leave the decision up to you Chef.

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