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Thanksgiving is a time for traditional foods – with turkey the obvious winner. But this year we thought we would shine a light on some of the more unusual Thanksgiving traditions we have seen take hold…(as well as our Lidgate’s Wonderful Traditional Range).



For instance – there is Sweet Potatoes (a traditional Thanksgiving side dish) but this time, served with a toasted marshmallow topping. It’s something TV chef Nigella finds herself oddly attracted to. She says of the dish that “I find myself strangely compelled by the luscious, syrupy purée, just tangy enough with lime to find a workable partnership with the white dots of marshmallow, tortoiseshelled by the heat of the oven.”



Another inescapable element is dishes made with corn and some households really love to get creative with this one. Corn muffins and breads are the staples but you might also stumble on scalloped corn. In essence, it’s a creamy casserole of sweetcorn with a crunchy cracker topping.


When it comes the traditional British roast dinner, cranberry sauce is served with turkey while horseradish sauce is served with roast beef. This rather brave combination is something you will see increasingly on the web.


We tend to be a bit more traditional at Lidgates, and have been serving our amazing range of Thanksgiving foods to generations of customers with American family roots. Interestingly, the tradition does seem to be spreading to a wider group of people with no ties to the US but who still want to celebrate all that they are thankful for. 


Do try our Bronze Turkey - currently available from 2.5kg-6kg. These Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkeys, feed on nettles, wild blackberries and freshly grown oats. They are a slow maturing bird for optimum flavour and texture. 



 Our wonderful Home-Made Turkey Gravy is a must for the dinner table made from Turkey Carcasses, Vegetables and Herbs.




And then there’s our amazing seasonal Pumpkin Pie. Handmade in store for Thanksgiving and only available from 17th November until Thanksgiving. 

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