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Helping our UK-based American customers celebrate Thanksgiving is something we look forward to each year.

We have put together a selection of Thanksgiving products but there is much more to explore throughout the rest of our online store. 

  • from £29.03

    Free Range Turkey Breast

    Available from 1-4kg (each kg will feed 3-4 people). These are from our Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkey. We have removed the bone meaning they'r...

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    from £29.03
  • from £2.42

    Traditional Ham

    Home Cooked and Cured Traditional breadcrumbed ham.Available in:Sliced 100g pack (Minimum pack weight 95g)1kg Joint  (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 3...

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    from £2.42
  • from £3.01

    Honey Roast Ham

    We cure and cook all of our hams from pork supplied by free-range and organic farmers. These hams come Honey Roasted in our own Glaze.Available in:...

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    from £3.01
  • £27.69

    Organic Chicken

    Free-range organic chickens reared in small flocks in open fields and enjoy a peaceful and happy environment. They are fed a natural diet of organi...

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  • £5.59

    Pigs In Blanket - Pack of 12

    Our home made, free range pork cocktail sausages, made with our low-salt recipe, carefully wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. Contains gluten & s...

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  • £7.09

    Cocktail Sausages (500g)

    A juicy recipe of lightly spiced free-range pork. Low in salt Contains: Gluten

  • £5.69

    Maple Streaky Bacon (250g)

    Streaky bacon cured with a sweet maple cure

  • £5.59

    Maple Back Bacon (250g)

    Back bacon cured with a sweet maple cure.

  • £7.59

    Iberico Streaky Bacon (270g)

    "A very sweet, gentle cure, as you'd expect from Lidgate's. The Spanish pigs are very happy pigs, and when we get streaky bacon like this we're ver...

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  • £4.69

    Smoked Streaky Bacon (250g)

    Mild Smoked Streaky Bacon.

  • £4.19

    Unsmoked Streaky Bacon (250g)

    From free range, rare breed pigs in East Anglia. Low salt, mild cure streaky bacon. Winner of a Smithfield Gold Medal Award.

  • £5.69

    Smoked Back Bacon (250g)

    Mild smoked Back Bacon

  • £5.09

    Unsmoked Back Bacon (250g)

    Mild Cured Back Bacon from free range, rare breed pigs from East Anglia.

  • from £15.99

    Smoked Gammon Joint

    Mild cured Smoked fillet of Gammon Available in:1kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 3-4 people2kg Joint (Minimum pack weight 1.980kg) - 6-8 peop...

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    from £15.99
  • from £14.59

    Unsmoked Gammon Joint

    Home-cured Unsmoked fillet of GammonAvailable in:1kg Joint  (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 3-4 people2kg Joint (Minimum pack weight1.980kg) - 6-8 peo...

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    from £14.59
  • £147.59

    Whole Fillet (1.8kg)

    Scotch Fillet is the steak for the very special dinner party. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour. (Min...

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  • from £54.69

    Rib Roast

    Real old world roast beef trimmed in the continental style for easy carving. Self-basting and cooked on the bone to sustain that very special succ...

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    from £54.69
  • from £70.19

    Contre Fillet

    The eye of the sirloin is trimmed, boned, rolled and garnished with a thin covering of natural buttery fat for basting. This famous cut is lean an...

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    from £70.19
  • £48.89

    Cote de Boeuf 1kg

    The classic rib eye steak with the bone left in for additional flavour. Minimum 28 days dry aged for maximum tenderness and flavour. (Minimum Pac...

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  • £6.25

    Borough Broths Organic Chicken Bone Broth

    Made using 100% free-range organic British chicken bones, Borough Broth Co's 24-hour slow cooked organic broth densely packed with 40% bones, guara...

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  • £6.25

    Borough Broths Organic Beef Bone Broth

    Made using grass-fed, 100% organic British beef bones, 24-hour slow broth is densely packed with 40% bones, guaranteeing a deeply rich umami hit in...

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  • £3.95

    From Our Farm - Beef Dripping

    This sumptous dripping made from our beef trimmings is the perfect fat to achieve the crispiest roast potatoes, fluffiest yorkshire puddings and th...

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  • from £2.50

    Pecan Pie

    Pecan Pie made using pecan nuts with a sweet shortcrust pastry, ideal with large helping of ice cream.Available to buy as a single slice, or a whol...

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    from £2.50
  • from £1.85

    Apple Pie

    Apple Pie made using fresh apples, with a sprinkling of sultanas in a sweet shortcrust pastry.Available to buy per slice, or a whole pie (10 slices).

    from £1.85
  • £6.29

    Organic Nitrate Free Unsmoked Streaky Bacon (200g)

    Organic belly pork joints cured with no chemical preservatives, just sea salt and organic demerara sugar. The sugar adds sweetness and the salt dra...

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  • £7.49

    Organic Nitrate Free Smoked Streaky Bacon (200g)

    Made with a traditional process that keeps the flavours of the organic pork belly and cure - made from sea salt and brown sugar - in balance with n...

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  • £6.29

    Organic Nitrate Free Unsmoked Back Bacon (200g)

    From organic and free range pigs. Made using only sea salt, and brown sugar, as dry curing agents.

  • £7.49

    Organic Nitrate Free Smoked Back Bacon (200g)

    Cured without the help of chemicials - just sea salt and brown sugar as dry curing agents followed by some time in a smokehouse for a natural woods...

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