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New Season Foods

New Season Foods

The new month is increasingly bringing new foods to the seasonal table.

 It is not a surprise that April is a month of change – the word ‘April’ comes from the Latin word ‘Aperior’ – meaning to open. It was named after the opening of fruits and flowers that happens at this time of year – so the table will start to burst with new flavours as well as the garden open to new scents and flowers.

The new month means we are starting to see the early radishes come into season and the very first spears of seasonal asparagus are poking their heads above ground. Rocket, sorrel, spring onion, watercress are all coming into season and Jersey Royal potatoes should be in season soon. Spring lamb is also available with the first meat coming from the southwest of the country.

And even though the weather has been particularly changeable, if you are out and about – do look out for the first butterflies of the year.

 As we head towards Easter – do have a look at the special seasonal section of our website with some Easter favourites- both sweet and savoury.


Eating seasonal cheese also encourages you to try something new. We have a wide variety of amazing cheeses for you to try – but at this time of year I particularly like our very special Brie.

Brie de Meaux, is a great cheese to try. Referred to as  The King of Bries, this is a creamy cheese made from raw milk with distinctive flavours and rich and buttery with notes of mushrooms and truffles.

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