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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

April gets its name from the word ‘aperio’ – meaning ‘to open’. We say goodbye to the last frosts of the year and hello to budding flowers, bluebell forests, the first butterflies of the year, warmer weather and a change in the food that arrives on our table. 

If you’ve been growing any parsley in your window box – it’s time to be using lots of it. The lengthening days, means it will soon run to flower and seed. So use any parsley to make wonderful Salsa Verde which goes wonderfully with STEAK.


The first radishes of spring are starting, and British asparagus are poking their heads above ground.  Jersey Royal potatoes start to arrive as, soon – does our spring lamb.

Spring is especially good for dishes with light herbs – fresh and zesty. So, this is a time to be using lots of herbs in your cooking. However, one issue is that herbs can wilt quickly. One tip to revive them, is to use an ice water bath, which can improve the texture, colour and make them fresher.  


I love this One-Pan Chicken, herb and Orzo quick dinner.  Orzo is in fact a pasta – but it looks like rice and is sometimes known as risoni.


A thinly sliced steak, lightly cooked goes brilliantly with a lightly dressed salad which provides you with a protein-rich, healthy and delicate spring meal. It’s a great way of showcasing the amazing taste of WAGYU STEAK in particular.



 Grow Your Own

 And if that has inspired you, why not grow your own herb pot especially curated for meat dishes. There’s a great guide HERE. The herbs in this pot will enhance the flavour of meat. Rosemary is particularly good with LAMB and sage, thyme and oregano are all supposed to help with digestion.

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