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National BBQ Week

National BBQ Week

It’s National BBQ Week from June 3rd-9th and we have a ton of tips on how to make the most of your outdoor cooking. Luckily the weather is looking good this weekend, so we are all set for a great outdoor cook. We have some great food and sauces to make your BBQ go with a bang.

New in the store this week we have:  


Smokey Rebel BBQ Rubs - Available in four different flavours so there's something to go with your barbecue meat of choice.



Ginger Beard's BBQ Sauces - Two great flavours to choose from: one has a gentle heat and the other some lovely sweetness. 



Koffiracha Hot Sauce - this is something a little more adventurous with coffee added to a mild sriracha style hot sauce - tremendous on burgers. 


We hope you take the opportunity to try out these superb British made artisan products with something from our BBQ MEAT RANGE:


Kebabs Made with free-range these are quick and easy with most only taking around 15 minutes under a grill or on a BBQ. 


Burgers A barbecue staple! We have a range of beef, lamb and chicken burgers for you to choose from. 



Sausages Another must have for your barbecue. We have our classic BBQ Sausage but really, any sausage is good on the grill!


Table Talk: The word barbeque comes from American Spanish barbacoa, from Arawakan (Haiti) barbakoa "framework of sticks set upon posts," the raised wooden structure the West Indians used to either sleep on or cure meat.

 Forget the local Chinese; this Asian Delight is a real grill-star of the Orient with this recipe from Lantau Island. Simple to both prepare and BBQ, these ribs taste great being, sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time! Click HERE for the full recipe 


Lamb works really well on the Barbi and new season best of all. This recipe is a variation on a dish picked up at a small roadhouse on the way out of Bondi, the slightly fusion edge enhances the overall flavour. Serve in an upright triangle, bones to the sky! Click HERE for the recipe


 Who said skewers were only for the local kebab shop, this delicious twist on an old theme is remarkably easy to do, combining piquant chicken and prosciutto with stale, olive oil and Balsamic soaked rustic bread. Served with a chilled Prosecco, perfection. Click HERE for the recipe.



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