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Mother's Day

Mother's Day

We celebrate Mother's Day on the 27th of March. The celebration has it’s roots in the religious Mothering Sunday celebration - a medieval practice of visiting one's mother church annually—the church in which they received the sacrament of baptism. In more modern times it has taken on a different meaning of course – celebrating the mothers in our lives.

Food has long played an important part in the celebration, not least because it comes in the midst of the Lent festival, when a respite was offered for observant Christians who were giving up personal luxuries.

Simnel cake is a traditional gift to parents on Mothering Sunday and Easter. And the less well-known Mothering Buns are also a seasonal favourite - plain yeast-leavened buns, iced, and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, eaten for breakfast on that day.


At Lidgates we can help you celebrate with our Prestat’s Chocolate Jewel Box. This glorious box is inspired by Queen Victoria’s very own chocolate box, which she had regularly refilled from the Royal Kitchens. The finest assortment includes: rose, violet and raspberry fondants, rich marzipans and nuts, fudges and jellies and, of course, truffles.



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