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Father's Day Food

Father's Day Food

To celebrate Father’s Day I’m looking at who invented it and why. The day probably originated in the US and there are several stories of how it started. The most popular, and likely account, is that it started with a woman called Sonora Louise Smart in Washington. 

After her mother died in childbirth with her sixth child, her dad brought up the family. In 1909, Sonora heard a speech in church about Mother's Day and thought dads should also be celebrated. Several local clergymen accepted the idea and it's believed that 19 June 1910 was the first unofficial Father's Day.

Father’s Day is often celebrated with a special dinner – and we have some real show-stopper options for you in our FATHER'S DAY COLLECTION, including:

RIB ROAST. This grass fed beef joint is easy to carve and you can choose a size that's right for your celebration.
THICK CUT RIB EYE. Great for when dad wants a big chunk of beef just for himself! Grass fed and dry aged for a minimum of 28 days. 




The Lidgates BOEUF EN CROUTE. Made fresh daily in our own kitchen. Grass fed British beef fillet. It is similar to Beef Wellington. Great for when you have a large group for a celebratory dinner. 


All of us at Lidgates hope that you are able to celebrate this weekend with your own dad or another important male mentor of father figure in your life. 


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