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Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of A Butcher's Shop

Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of A Butcher's Shop

Last week we had a quieter weekend as some schools have broken up for their Easter holidays. This week we are gearing up for our own Easter preparations. We have the last of our Hokey Pokey Chocolate Easter Eggs on display and we are organising even more New Season Lambs to arrive over the next fortnight. The kitchen is busy preparing for our Easter Chicken, Harissa & Grilled Red Pepper Pie.
It sometimes feels as if Easter takes us a little by surprise, especially when one day is sunny and the next has light snowfall. This week we are persisting in our efforts to source gulls eggs for this years season. Last year the supplier we used had been badly effected by the pandemic economically and could no longer supply us. This delicate and expensive egg seems to have become a very rare commodity. I will let you know next week of our progress.
The very best wishes,

Danny Lidgate

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