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Danny's Days - 5th September 2022

Danny's Days - 5th September 2022

This week is definitely a different week to the hot holiday weeks we’ve had recently. On Friday, our main delivery vehicle broke down, just as the driver was leaving his house but a local garage worked tirelessly to fix it on the same day. Our back up drivers were amazing and managed to cover deliveries without too much delay. 

This week is Love Lamb week. This is a week chosen by the Agricultural & Horticultural Development Board to promote the UK Lamb industry. It is so important that lamb farmers are paid fairly and supported. This is something that unfortunately has not always happened as major retailers search for imported cheaper options.


We have chosen Lamb Shoulder as our special offer to help this along. This is a great product for this time of year with so many different ways to cook this. 



We are also sharing a great recipe for Lamb Shanks too. 
If you would like to join us in supporting British Lamb farmers our full range of lamb can bee seen at this LINK





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