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Danny's Days - 4th March 2024

Danny's Days - 4th March 2024

This week we are looking firmly ahead to Mothering Sunday (10th March). Mother's Day in the UK has its custom of 'Mothering Sunday', which fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent. That's three Sundays before Easter, and the tie-in with the church calendar is why it's always a bit confusing trying to work out when it is each year. Nowadays, like Christmas this celebration is much wider celebrated by all and is a chance for all special mothers to be spoilt and celebrated.



Cooking trends have changed quite considerably over the past few decades. Previously relatively simple dishes had been cooked but now family members are much more versatile cooking with sous-vide, barbecue, slow roasts, one-pot, and all other types of modern day cooking. Meaning it is very hard for me to recommend a meat choice. But if I had to I would probably recommend a classic Roast Beef, with Yorkshire puddings, gravy and all the trimmings - either a classic Rib or tender Fillet. I say it often but on these occasions restaurants often get overwhelmed by the large customer numbers and can sometimes perform slightly disappointingly so why not do it yourself, and make sure the Mum of your life doesn’t touch the washing up or cleaning the kitchen. We’ve got this.

The very best wishes,


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