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Danny's Days - 3rd October 2022

Danny's Days - 3rd October 2022

This week we have seen things picking up around London a fair bit. This is normal for this time of year as the cooler weather comes and the winter months are not far off.


Next week is the first autumn milestone as we reach Canadian Thanksgiving. This is not so noticeable as the American Thanksgiving which lies at the end of November, however it is a good reminder for us here at Lidgates to get our selves organised the next coming quarter. Please click HERE to see out Thanksgiving range. 

These past two years have thrown so many curve balls at the small independent businesses and can make things very unpredictable. We are truly thankful of the support our customers have given us and the other local shops of Holland Park. This support has allowed this special and cherished neighbourhood to keep it’s village feel and local community spirit.

The very best wishes,
Danny Lidgate
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