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Danny's Days - 27th March 2023

Danny's Days - 27th March 2023

This week we are a step closer to EASTER. We’re putting the finishing touches to a few new easter products, although by far our New Season LEG OF LAMB seems to outsell every other product traditionally at Easter.

 Last week our new BEEF & PARMESAN MEATBALLS were very popular (and they are still on HALF PRICE OFFER until Wednesday). I had them myself on Friday for lunch just with a basic tomato sauce and chopped basil and they were amazing. In fact I cant wait to have them again.

This week we will see some mixed weather so all seasons of foods might be cooked from slow cooked OX TAIL and LAMB SHANKS to sunny STEAK salads.

Next week we are expecting the very first of this years New Season Lamb. Just in time for easter. Some people suggest older lamb has more flavour, which can be true but the subtle gentle flavours, the delicate tenderness always makes New Season Lamb pretty special.

I hope you have a marvellous week. The very best wishes,

Danny Lidgate

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