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Danny's Days - 15th May 2023

Danny's Days - 15th May 2023

Last weekend we enjoyed some amazing sunshine and looks like the weather is to stay fairly dry for the next coming fortnight. Barbecue options were definitely popular last Saturday in the shop. Its refreshing to feel the start of summer arriving.


Here at Lidgates we recently built a small herb garden on our roof terrace for our kitchen and butchers to use.

John Walsh built this masterpiece from scratch and really showed off his DIY skills. It’s just the start and we plan to add more varieties as we go on. I once tasted some Carrots my brother and his wife Anna grew in their garden at home and my gosh, they were the best carrots I have ever eaten. It just goes to show, as we see so often, pure food produced naturally is most often the best food.

The very best wishes, 
Danny Lidgate

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