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Danny's Days - 24th October 2022

Danny's Days - 24th October 2022

This week I think we all have been a little shaken by the thunder and lightning experienced at the weekend. Gosh that was something. We had a busy weekend in the shop last week, with plenty of tastings including a Rump Steak testing Saturday afternoon to coincide with our special offer this week. 



Although this is October half term time, it appears many people are staying in London. John Walsh our front shop supervisor has once again done a tremendous job displaying our Halloween window decorations. I’ve seen quite a few customers and local residents taking photos. Hopefully none of them too scared! You may have seen some photos on our Instagram account.

For all of you who are celebrating Halloween his weekend, I hope you have a marvellous and spooky time, and for those who prefer not to be involved, I hope you have a nice and pleasant week.

The very best wishes, 


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