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Danny's Days - 11th July 2022

Danny's Days - 11th July 2022

Wow! What a weekend. We had incredible weather and incredible sporting action. For some schools it was the end of term, my daughters are over the moon to be off.

So end of term activities, a few moments to watch England beat Australia with my father (England’s most determined and passionate supporter) and a quick trip to the seaside. Monday morning and we’re all back to work and getting ready for the new week. 

This week is another full moon. Wednesday morning (Tuesday evening) will see a super moon known as the Buck Moon. Native Americans named this due to the male deer antlers were in full growth this month. It’s fascinating how nature has impacted the names we give things. 

There was an interesting article in The Guardian last Friday about nitrate free bacon and its benefits. Since we started stocking organic nitrate free bacon a few months ago we have seen sales steadily rise as people come to understand the product better. 

This week also will see more of the heatwave temperatures. I hope you all get a chance to cherish the beautiful sunshine.

The very best wishes, 

Danny Lidgate

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