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British Pie Week

British Pie Week

It’s British Pie Week and that means it's time to celebrate pie makers and inventors from around the UK. There is a rich tradition of pie making in the UK but did you know the first known pie recipe was for chicken pie and was written on a tablet in Rome in 2000BC?

We have come a long way since then. There are sweet pies & savoury pies. There are pies with such fantastic names as The Bedfordshire Clanger, The Homity Pie and The Tiropita to add to the better known home grown varieties we know and love.

We at Lidgates are proud to offer the very best handmade butcher’s meat pies in London. Our exceptional pies are handcrafted using grass-fed and rare breed meats from the UK’s finest farms and estates and our pies have won lots of praise:

“Having excellent pastry, the Coq au Vin pie looks and tastes deliciously home-made.”
Anthony Worrall Thompson

According to a recent poll the Steak & Ale pie is the nation’s favourite – and we have an amazing version made in our own Lidgate kitchens. 

The Lidgate St. George Steak and Ale Pie is made from prime selected grass-fed beef and traditional stout, fresh mushrooms, onions, bay leaves, herbs and seasoning. Do try it here

Our own range of amazing pies also include an artistically designed pastry masterpiece of a Boeuf en Croute, Coq au Vin, Game Pie, Lamb Leek & Apricot Pie, Chicken Lemon & Olive Pie and Boeuf Bourguignon Pie – amongst many others. See HEREfor our full range.

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