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Air Fryer Cooking

Air Fryer Cooking

We get asked about cooking with air fryers quite regularly and it seems everyone is singing the praises of the low-fat air fryer. Sales at John Lewis were up 400%. Gordon Ramsay claimed the results are like food “cooked in oil, but the air fryer locks in the juice and the flavour is extraordinary”. So what can and can’t you cook in them?

Despite its name, it does not “fry” things. It actually bakes them, and it does so very fast. They circulate hot air efficiently to achieve a 'fried finish' similar to that achieved by deep-frying, without all the oil.

The air fryer is in fact, like all ovens, a well-insulated box and because it uses very little oil, it tends to be healthier than frying and because the box is small – it is quicker and uses less electricity than putting things in an actual oven. But they are not great for some foods and indeed sometimes definitely shouldn’t be used at all.

Anything with a wet batter or a sauce should be avoided. These will end up being very messy and may also burn the base of your air fryer basket. Things with can cause splatter, which can be dangerous and messy. Some vegetables, such as brussels sprouts, are good at retaining moisture, so crisp up well in an air fryer. Broccoli, however and perhaps surprisingly,  can dry out and become chewy and bitter.

If you are thinking of getting an air fryer or pulling yours from the back of the cupboard – here are some recipes which are worth a read.  


Air Fryer Mongolian Beef
The key here is to use a super thin steak, like FLANK STEAK. Serve with rice and spring onions.


Air Fryer Chicken Thighs
Cooking CHICKEN THIGHS in an air fryer is a speedy way to achieve succulent meat with a delicious crispy skin. A spicy coating makes the perfect finishing touch

Air Fryer Chips
While undoubtedly you can make the best restaurant-style French fries by cooking frozen chips in an air fryer, you can also produce delicious chunky, chip-shop-style chips made entirely from scratch




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