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  • £6.45

    Minced Steak (500g)

    Made using our free-range grass fed beef, perfect for a cottage pie or spaghetti bolognese. (Minimum pack weight 480g)

  • £4.80

    Pigs In Blanket - Pack of 12

    Our home made, free range pork cocktail sausages, made with our low-salt recipe, carefully wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. Don't forget to add Ros...

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  • £6.15

    Chipolata Sausages (500g)

    A juicy recipe of lightly spiced free-range pork. Low in salt. Contains: Gluten

  • £3.95

    Free Range Chicken Fillet

    Boneless and skinless free-range chicken breast. 190g each (Minimum weight 160g)£20.71per kg

  • £3.95

    Smoked Streaky Bacon (250g)

    Mild Smoked Streaky Bacon.

  • £27.00

    Fillet Steak (2 x 200g)

    Scotch Fillet is the steak for the very special dinner party. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour.  Av...

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  • £2.99

    Chicken Wings (500g)

    Meaty chicken wings perfect for the BBQ or deep fry them to a perfect golden brown. We can provide these wings either plain or in a marinade. Pleas...

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  • £2.25

    Free Range Chicken Legs

    Cut from our free-range chickens from carefully selected farms.235g each (Minimum weight 180g)  

  • £4.88

    Chicken & Apple Sausages 400g

    A deliciously sweet and mild sausage, a real children's favourite. Contains Gluten, sulphites 

  • £45.00

    Leg of Lamb

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Whole legs of lamb are prepared in the traditional manner. A ...

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  • £24.00

    Organic Chicken

    Free-range organic chickens reared in small flocks in open fields and enjoy a peaceful and happy environment. They are fed a natural diet of organi...

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  • from £43.50

    Rib Roast

    Real old world roast beef trimmed in the continental style for easy carving. Self-basting and cooked on the bone to sustain that very special succ...

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    from £43.50
  • £5.70

    Minced Pork (500g)

    Selected cuts of lean pork, minced. Ideal for burgers or for making your own sausages.Available in:500g packs (Minimum pack weight 480g)1kg packs (...

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    from £7.50

    Wagyu Beef Burgers

    Our burgers simply contain Wagyu mince and a little salt and pepper 170g +/- 10% 

    from £7.50
  • £3.96

    Duck Breasts

    A Quick and easy restaurant favourite. Our duck breasts taste best when eaten pink, with beautiful crispy fat. Simply pan fry them for the best res...

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  • £13.58

    Rib Eye Steak (1 x 280g)

    A first-rate steak renowned for its succulence and length of flavour. (Minimum Pack weight 260g)   COOKING ADVICE Preheat the pan/griddle and cook ...

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  • £7.60

    Diced Steak (500g)

    Diced from our free range grass fed beef. Perfect for casseroles and pies. (Minimum Pack Weight 480g)  

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    from £5.10

    Steak Burgers

    Made from grass-fed beef and seasoned in a medium-spice. Cook slowly. Colouring and preservative-free. 170g +/- 10%

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  • £11.60

    Lamb Cutlets (4 x 80g)

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Free-Range grass fed lamb cutlets.Packs of 4: 320g (Minimum pa...

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  • £6.15

    Cocktail Sausages (500g)

    A juicy recipe of lightly spiced free-range pork. Low in salt Contains: Gluten

  • £2.30

    Breaded Chicken Escalope

    Chicken thighs, skinned and boned, and coated with a light Japanese breadcrumb. Very popular with children.120g each  (Minimum weight 100g)

  • £5.00

    Victoria & Albert Sausage 400g

    Award Winning Victoria & Albert Sausage made using fresh free-range pork, mustard, horseradish and a little seasoning. Sold per 400g packRecent...

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  • £4.79

    Gloucester Old Spot (400g)

    Made from the famous native breed grown free-range in the Colne Valley woodland . Noted for its flavour, this is a succulent blend of free-range Gl...

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  • £17.85

    Free Range Chicken

    Our free-range chickens have lives that are the envy of the conventional feathered world. They have access to the outdoors as soon as they are feat...

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  • from £6.00


    An excellent value steak, and full of flavour. Great for broths, ragus and thinly sliced steaks

    from £6.00
  • from £15.50


    Brisket is a great value cut that is best suited to long, slow cooking so ideal for casseroles and stews. Alternatively, it can be cooked in the ov...

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    from £15.50
  • £7.56

    Minced Veal (500g)

    Selected cuts of veal finely minced.Available in:500g pack (Minimum pack weight 500g)£14.38 per kg

  • £29.90

    Chateaubriande (450g)

    Cut from the thickest part of the fillet, Chateaubriande is the steak for that very special dinner party. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for i...

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  • £3.80

    Maple Streaky Bacon (250g)

    Streaky bacon cured with a sweet maple cure

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    from £5.10

    Chicken Burgers

    Hand made using fresh chicken, seasoning, breadcrumbs and parsley.  170g +/- 10%

    from £5.10
  • £10.50

    Plain Veal Escalope (2 x 105g)

    opside of milk fed veal very thinly sliced for quick frying.Available in:Packs of 2: 210g (Minimum pack weight 200g)£38.00per kg

  • £4.80

    Chicken Kiev

    Chicken breast, filled with our own made garlic butter and covered in breadcrumbs.Please note this product is sold uncooked)Approximately 260g each...

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  • £5.30

    Smoked Back Bacon (250g)

    Mild smoked Back Bacon

  • from £9.99

    Belly of Pork

    An economic cut. Free range, slow growing pork belly which gives you juicy, tender meat and some of the best crackling you've ever tasted.

    from £9.99
  • £4.80

    Country Pork Sausages 400g

    A medium-spiced pork favourite from an old family recipe. This excellent breakfast sausage also has a very good barbeque reputation. Popular with c...

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  • £8.40

    Veal Liver (200g)

    Milk fed veal calves liver very thinly sliced for quick frying.