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Steak vs Salad

Steak vs Salad

Steak Vs Salad – why you don’t have to choose! One of the mightiest culinary battles is the debate over whether the weather means you have to just stick to salad. But there is no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds, as we have been finding out…  

The hot weather has meant the traditional Sunday roast may have felt a bit too heavy – but a summer salad is still not quite enough to fill the family appetite. So, I have been looking at a whole range of amazing steak salads, that go brilliantly well together, especially if you are using our Wagyu steaks.


There’s a great rib-eye recipe with creamy avocado The juicy rib-eye steak is pan-seared to absolute perfection. Creamy avocados, sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and an easy to make balsamic vinaigrette with grainy and Dijon mustard to make it creamy and delicious.


Alternatively, try this Blackened Steak Salad made with a paprika, oregano and thyme rub and served with crumbled blue cheese and fricasse salad.


There is a great tasting Greek Spinach Salad with Grilled Flap Steak and Marinated Feta. The feta is marinated in a mixture of spicy chilli flakes, briny capers, bright lemon, and herbs adds a big punch of flavour. Serve with grilled pita or crusty bread rubbed with fresh garlic to round out the meal.


Or why not try this Coriander Lime Steak Salad which is drizzled with jalapeno, garlic, ginger lime juice, coriander, honey, balsamic, and salt.
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