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Remembering Her Majesty The Queen

Remembering Her Majesty The Queen

This week has been a hugely significant and poignant time in history. We were all deeply saddened to learn of Her Majesty The Queen passing last week.

As a family, and as the Lidgates team family, we have spent much of this time remembering Her Majesty’s special moments and achievements.

One very memorable moment for us was my father attending a lunch for small independent London businesses, only to find out he would be seated at the same table as The Queen.

He was astonished and overjoyed to find out he would be sitting next to The Queen the entire lunch. During the lunch they discussed the beef which he had been buying from His Royal Highness's Highgrove Estate and how trading as a family butcher had changed over the past 170 years.

This was truly one of the proudest days of my father’s life and something he takes great pride in telling his grandchildren. It is incredible to see how Her Majesty touched the hearts of so many people around the world, and the respect and acknowledgements that have been given at this time.

We at Lidgates will be closed on Monday 19th September as we pay our respects to a truly amazing Queen. May she Rest In Peace.


Danny Lidgate

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