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Picnic In The Park

Picnic In The Park

Our wonderful local open-air theatre has just started its season this week. Surrounded by the beautiful formal gardens and woodlands of Holland Park, the theatre is a canopied open-air auditorium and the perfect place to enjoy critically acclaimed opera in the heart of London. 

It is also of course, a great place to bring a picnic and while I wouldn’t rate the singing of the Lidgate team as up to Holland Park Opera standards – our deli talents are second to none.

It is only a 10 minute walk from Lidgates to Holland Park Opera and the wider wonderful park, and so we are uniquely well placed to provide you with expertly sliced Parma Ham – so much better than anything you can buy in packets.



 If you want something a bit more unusual – do try our Capreolus Guanciale. Cured, fermented and air-dried in a similar way to pancetta. Guanciale has more fat than pancetta, but as a result has a huge depth of flavour. The fat is transformed by the curing and fermenting process and becomes silky and unctuous. 



We also have a picnic ready Capreolus Charcuterie Sharing Platter. Perfect as a starter for two people. The selection may vary from pack to pack because Capreolus are producing slow food (some of their products can take up to 2 years to be ready for consumption). When they make up these platters, they carefully choose only the best of the products that are ready in their maturing and salami room. The meats might include smoked mutton, Dorset coppa, air dried ham, air dried pork loin, Dorset air dried beef etc.

There’s an amazing wide range of wonderful foods from our deli – too many to list here, so do pop in and pick up your great deli selection.

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