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New Season Inspirations

New Season Inspirations

There used to be a tradition that said if you washed your face in the dew before sunrise on the 1st May, you would have a flawless complexion all year. I doubt that many are still doing that or that Holland Park would much welcome dawn visitors brushing their faces on the lawn. But the change in the month this week does herald lots of traditions which are still in full swing.

At this time of year Cornish Yarg cheese makers are picking nettles to wrap around their classic cheese. The leaves give the cheese rind a distinctive mushroomy flavoured rind. The cheese itself is eaten while relatively young and fresh – just 6 weeks in maturing.


May is also a great season for asparagus and radishes – so do make the most of these seasonal treats. And it’s not just on the table that the change in season brings new treats. In a few weeks time, we should see swifts arriving for the summer from their winter home south of the Sahara, swallows will come from South Africa and House Martins from equatorial Africa. 

Also coming into season is New Season Lamb of course.

So do enjoy the burst of new energy that comes with the new month and of course do pop in to Lidgates to see our ever changing seasonal range of offerings.

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