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2nd of May

2nd of May

Since there is nothing else important happening today...let's focus on another May 2nd event: the great Battle of Hogwarts was fought on this day. And because this battle is when Lord Voldemort was finally defeated, it seems like a fitting time to celebrate!
While Harry is mainly eating chocolate frogs and every flavour beans – Hagrid is always after something more hearty. There is something which sounds suspiciously like dragon stew in at least one book, but I think the best Hagrid dish is a Lidgate Rib Roast.
This cut is a real old world roast beef trimmed for easy carving. Self-basting and cooked on the bone to sustain that very special succulence and flavour for which this grass-fed, naturally reared beef is so renowned. The bone adds a sweetness to the meat. It’s really simple to cook and you can see a recipe here.


And if it is a Hogwarts feast you are creating, here are some other thoughts to get the old and young round your table, excited.


Here are some amazing pretzel and cheese straw broomsticks that will fly off the table.




Or there is this table centrepiece of a sorting hat made of soft cheese.




And then there is the magical Hogwarts rice crispy cakes. You can find more Harry Potter recipes here.

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