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Make It Pancake Week?

Make It Pancake Week?

Pancake Day is behind us but there are so many types of pancakes from around the world we want to make it Pancake Week! Pancakes with za’atar fried eggs, creamy chicken and spinach, Indian Pudla, Japanese Okonomiyaki and Italian Soffiatini pancakes, are just a few of these amazing easy recipes we are celebrating this week.


Gujarati Pudla pancakes are an easy savoury pancake made from chickpea flour, yogurt, a few spices and fresh fenugreek. They’re usually served for breakfast, as a snack or even as a light dinner option along with some salad.




Soffiatini Italian pancakes come from southern Italy. They’re known as soffiantini or ‘whispers’. and are stuffed with spinach, mozzarella and Parma ham and baked until golden.



Okonomiyaki are Japanese pancakes that are great for using up a head of white cabbage. Serve with okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise or your favourite hot sauce.



 Bacon Jam pancakes are served with spinach and ricotta pancakes and sound great. They are a sweet-meets-savoury dish with orange zest and a dash of brandy and served on a pancake with creamy ricotta and fresh spinach for contrast, creates one of our favourite pancake toppings.


 Za’atar pancakes with fried eggs, combine the nutty, herby flavour of za’atar here, which infuses the oil and creates a crunchy sesame seed skirt around the eggs as they cook.



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