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Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of a Butcher's Shop

Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of a Butcher's Shop

Last week we returned from our short Easter break. I think the Lidgates team were glad to have the Sunday and Monday with friends and family, especially as the weather was so nice. We are back to normal now though with all departments pumping out products at full capacity.

Last Saturday was St Georges Day and not surprisingly people always seem to order more beef, and steak in particular. This year was no excption. Beef has a long history in the British culture, the Beefeaters were even named after their love of eating Beef.

 Our new Butchery Manager, Steve, started with us last week. Steve has worked with us before, leaving to gain further experience about 10 years ago. He has since worked at a couple of other stores, most recently running the meat department at Fortnum & Mason. Please join us in welcoming Steve back to the team. 

I hope you all had a great Easter (we had some lovely feedback regarding Easter Lamb) and I hope those who celebrated St Georges day were fulfilled and satisfied with the glorious beef we have all come to know and love.

The very best wishes,

Danny Lidgate



Beefeater picture y Adam Cuerden, Detroit Publishing Company -, Public Domain,
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