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Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of A Butcher's Shop

Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of A Butcher's Shop

It has been another busy week here at Lidgates. Our New Season Lamb has been very popular. Each week we do sell out so we do have some beautiful ‘old season’ lamb. In a few weeks time as we approach Easter all our Lamb will be New Season, however to start with there are always smaller numbers.

Last week I was invited to a charity event to promote The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, founded in order to support people in the bourough and help with physical needs as well as mental health needs. If you have a spare minute here is the LINK to read more about the foundation and to donate if you are able to. 

This week will also see some brighter weather with temperatures reaching high teens. This good weather does wonders for high street independent businesses and we look forward to seeing more people on our pavements.

I hope you all have a great week,

Danny Lidgate


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