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Danny's Days - 9th January 2024

Danny's Days - 9th January 2024

To begin the first Danny’s Days of 2024, I would to wish everyone a very happy new year! May 2024 bring success, good health, joy and prosperity to you all.

The team at Lidgates had a few days break and now we’re back to it. We have Burn’s night at the end of January and then Valentines Day in February as the next landmarks in our calendar. In January we are also hoping to revamp and improve our delivery service. If there are any thought, comments or observations on how we might improve from a valued customer perspective please feel free to contact me at .

January is usually a very positive month and one of reflection and future goals. We try and appreciate the parts of the business that have been successful and look to enhance the improvements on the parts that could be better. Running a small independent business often feels like constant work in progress and you never seem to arrive where your actually trying to get to. Probably one of the biggest success stories of 2024 is the inclusion of new team members. The shop feels considerably more vibrant certainly we have more zing and pizazz for which I’m not only proud but also very grateful.

I hope you also have time for both reflection and also goal setting this January and I hope 2024 brings all you wish for.

The very best wishes,

Danny Lidgate

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