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Danny's Days - 26th September 2022

Danny's Days - 26th September 2022


This week we are thinking a fair bit about our preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has been an incredibly strange and worrying year for many of our farmers and poultry farmers have been dealt one of the most difficult hands.



These last few weeks we have been touching base with them to see how they are coping with their staff shortage, higher fuel and energy costs, and most significantly the agricultural and feed costs that have endured since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Farmers being farmers, tell us it hasn’t been easy but they’ll find a way to get through these obstacles. They are a hardy and resourceful sector of the UK’s workforce, and it’s inspirational to see their spirit.


One of our farmers also recently won the RBST Sustainable Farmer Of The Year. Our Shetland farmer Ronnie and his son Jacob are an organic Lamb farm. We have been buying their lamb for over 20 years and we are delighted to see them win this award. RBST stands for Rare Breed Survival Trust and every year awards are given to outstanding farms and farming practices. Well done Ronnie and Jacob!

I hope you all have a good week. 

The very best wishes, 

Danny Lidgate

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