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Danny's Days - 26th June 2023

Danny's Days - 26th June 2023

This week we have a special extra promotion. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young and driven Dorset farmer. James farms an unusual take on pork - he crosses a pedigree Tamworth sow and a Eurasian Wild boar to create Iron Age Pork.

This type of pig, first developed nearly 50 years ago, represents what early domesticated pigs might have looked and tasted like 4,000 years ago. When we first tasted this pork (if that is not a misleading term) we found it to be rich with flavour and exquisite tenderness.

Due to the longer feeding time and lifespan of these pigs the cost is considerably higher than our free range pork. However, for the next three weeks we will be offering the range of Iron Age Pork products at half price to encourage our customers to give it a try. 

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