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Danny's Days - 24th April 2023

Danny's Days - 24th April 2023


Last week we launched the ST GEORGE STEAK & ALE PIE. This was a recipe our kitchen team thoroughly enjoyed developing - along with our butchers who really enjoyed being the guinea pigs.

Even though St. George’s day has past we have decided to continue selling this new pie for the rest of April and May as it has proved so popular.


A gentle reminder that we are closed for the three bank holidays in May. The first is next Monday on May 1st, then the following Monday 8th and finally on the 29th May at the end of the month. It will be somewhat of an usual month but we are also all looking forward to celebrating the King's Coronation. Hopefully the weather becomes a little more stable because I’m not sure weather to pack sun cream and a sun hat or an umbrella when I leave the house at the moment.

This week is the last few days of our half price PERI PERI CHICKEN OFFER. When we planned this deal at the start of the month we had hoped for a little more sunshine, however it has proven to be quite a popular choice. This maybe because it does lend itself quite well to the oven also.


I hope you have a good week and don’t forget to plan ahead for the extended weekends of the coming month.

The very best wishes,

Danny Lidgate

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