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Danny's Days - 20th May 2024

Danny's Days - 20th May 2024

Last week we had another eventful week. We were invited by the local police force with other businesses for a meeting at the new Ruby Hotel. It was great meeting up with everyone and understanding local issues.

We have had some incredible sunshine recently and its been so uplifting to see the holland park greenery blossoming. We’ve been very busy making BBQ products recently and we’re so happy to see them fly out the door.

Another project we embarked on last week was selling some of or Lidgates products on online delivery service Zapp. It’s a new partnership but we will see how it goes, so far so good.

Last week our Manager Steven Owens was away with his young family so I was a lot more hands on. It was great seeing more of you as you popped in the shop and it’s a pat our my work I thoroughly enjoy, being closer to meat and to customers. Sometimes it feels like Ben and I are juggling so many balls, we get caught up doing so many other things, or fixing so many other problems.

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead,

The very best wishes,


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