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Danny's Days - 18th September 2023

Danny's Days - 18th September 2023

This week I have been talking to our Shetland Lamb farmers for an update on how things are with them. I will add more information nearer the time but we are expecting our first Shetland Lambs to be arriving towards the end of September/start of October.

We have seen Grouse and Red Leg Partridge proving popular which is quite surprising with some warmer weather but that just proves the point that eating seasonal foods is something we feel strongly.

The past week has bought some glorious September sunshine which we have been enjoying. We always notice an increase in not only BBQ meat sales but also Dorset Charcoal and Olive Oils moving fast when the sun is shining. We’re due a little rain and some cooler temperatures next week so we might start reviewing our window display.

For the sports fans around I hope you have been enjoying performing excellently in the cricket against New Zealand. I think anytime England are winning something it should be celebrated as we spend so much time in sports misery. Also currently is the Rugby World Cup in France which has started with a lot of excitement.

However you choose to spend this coming week I hope you have a chance to enjoy some sunshine and some fantastic food heaven dishes. 

The very best wishes, 
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