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Danny's Days - 18th July 2022

Danny's Days - 18th July 2022

Another very hot weekend with even more exciting sporting action - including an historic win by Ireland over New Zealand in the rugby. Next year's Rugby World Cup is really shaping up to be very interesting. 




As the hot weather continues this week please remember to stay hydrated. The NHS website has good advice on how to cope in hot weather HERE. 




As you would expect, steaks and sausages are proving to be everyones choice at the moment. On the weekend my family and I had Peri Peri Half Chickens which were very tasty and enjoyed by all. 


At Lidgates we support a number of local charities and organisations throughout the year. The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation is dedicated to providing educational, employment and health services to residents. While the area is typically thought of as being prosperous there is a lot of inequality throughout the borough. If you are able to, please consider making a donation at this LINK to support the foundations programmes. 

The very best wishes, 
Danny Lidgate

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