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Cooking With Whisky

Cooking With Whisky

December is the month in which we gather to eat together more than any other time of year. And while the headlines are grabbed by turkey and stuffing – this week I thought we should shine a light on that other flavour of cold winter nights – whisky. So I want to share a few ways of using it to flavour your dishes rather than your tumblers…

Let’s start this list of Scotch whisky recipes with the easiest one to make – Whisky Sauce. It’s especially good on haggis and good quality Scottish Beef. It’s quite a rich sauce thanks to the cream but it’s in no way sickly. Recipe HERE



Chicken with Apple & Whisky Sauce

Chicken with apples and whisky? It’s a weird combo I know, but let me assure you it works incredibly well, like fish and chips, bangers and mash. Recipe HERE



 Beef with Scotch Whisky Sauce

In fact, whisky works so well with beef I reckon you’ll start making it a necessary companion to your Sunday roast after trying this sauce, and it sure beats that half-used jar of out-of-date mustard hiding in the back of the cupboard. Recipe HERE

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