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BBQ Season Is Here

BBQ Season Is Here

This weekend it’s expected to be 21° in London and sunny – so we can officially declare the BBQ season open.

We are celebrating by offering customers half price Pork Ribs. They are succulent and tender, and of course perfect for barbecuing. This week there is also a Jamie Oliver recipe to help ensure your ribs hit the spot,


At Lidgates we have everything you need to take your BBQ to a new level. Not only do we have ethically produced charcoal but this year we have introduced a fantastic, tasty range of new BBQ products.


Do try our artisan Myristica Caribbean Rub. Just rub some onto wings, steaks or halloumi with a little lime juice & olive oil, before it hits the flames! 


Ditch the regular ketchup for something much more interesting with our White Mausu - Black Bean Chili Ketchup. A hot take on one of the world's favourite condiments. The perfect balance of spicy, smokey and umami flavours. Goes well with sausages, burgers and red meats. Mix with mayonnaise to give a sandwich a real kick!

Or there is the perennial favourite Prairie Fire - Original BBQ Sauce. Rich, smoky and delicious, it’s the UK’s only authentic Kansas City style barbecue sauce and is perfect for bringing out the full flavour of all types of meats. 



And that’s not to mention  our amazing range of BBQ ready Caribbean Chicken Kebabs or very, very special Wagyu Beef Burgers. Do have a look at our whole BBQ website – all designed to make things as easy as popping a sausage on the grill.




We provide the food, the charcoal and even the meat thermometer to help ensure all the food is properly cooked. And we can also have it all delivered to your  home – so all you have to do is get the  BBQ going.

Do give us a call or order online and get the BBQ weekend ready.

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