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Crosbies Handmade Lemon Drizzle Cake

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The depth of flavour comes by using real fruit. The zest and juice come straight from the fresh fruit and are blended into the mix to lock in that citrus zing. It takes a bit more work and time but the result is absolutely worth it.

For something different, try warming a whole cake and serving with custard. It makes a knockout pudding that is so simple to prepare.

Crosbies is a family company that specialises in the highest quality hand made produce.

We bake from scratch using the best quality fresh natural ingredients. Local free range eggs, real butter,  British flour & sugars. The flavours in our cakes and brownies come from natural sources - real lemons and oranges, fresh grated carrot, pure vanilla extract and delicious Belgian Chocolate. Our food contains no artificial colours, preservatives or any other nonsense, just great tasting ingredients made with care and skill. If we wouldn’t eat it, we won't put it in our food … and we’re very fussy !